Piranha Custom Bowstrings: Quality You Can Depend On!!!

About Piranha Custom Bowstrings

Our number one goal at Piranha Custom Bowstrings is to ensure you have the highest quality bowstring on the market and that it will last you thousands of shots. Your complete satisfaction is very important to us! Each custom built string is pre-stretched to 375 lbs. We use the industry leading 452X & X Fibers by BCY, along with 3D end serving, and #62 braided center serving. Each string and cable is custom built to match the exact lengths specified for your bow, using the best materials on the market.

We have the best customer service and stand behind our strings 100%. What does this mean to you? It means we guarantee:

  • NO peep rotation
  • NO stretch
  • NO creep
  • NO serving separation
  • ALL End loops served, and a
  • ONE year warranty on all manufacture defects

With our competitive prices and fast turnaround time, we have been rapidly climbing to the top of the market with shooters and dealers across the USA!

We want to provide our customers with the best performing, most durable set of strings possible. Order today and give your archery equipment the upgrade it deserves!